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Poem For Christine When the sky darkened and turned angry grey, and the long swords of lightening slashed away the day, you turned to me and screeched, "Whatever you do! ... We're going to the couch, here's your rubber soled shoe." So you stuck one on my foot and you stuck one on yours, and you stuck on my heart, because you I adored. We'd sit there quietly, and you would hold tight. You wouldn't let go until the storm was out of sight. Don't worry now, for the storm has passed, your time to begin another beautiful journey, at last. Little did we know we couldn't have been better paired. I love you so much, Christine please don't be scared. For your new path I now give you a rubber soled shoe. To ward off the lightening and anything that scares you. A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies, said Aristotle. He's right Christine, you were my teacher, my friend, my role model. And as was said above, I have the one to your two, I'll always have the other of your rubber soled shoe. Thank you so much, you've helped shape the person I am today. I will always remember. Love, with all of my heart, Case (Christine’s Cousin)
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